CNG Communications

Consulting Services

Our areas of expertise:

♦ Organizational positioning and messaging
   It's not unusual for different departments to create their own messages for different 
   audiences--shareholders may be hearing something different than clients, who may 
   be hearing a different message than employees.  This leads to diluted focus and a    loss of credibility.  We'll work with you to create a unified messaging strategy that    explains, in clear and compelling terms, what your business does and why it matters.

♦ Employee engagement strategy and internal communications 
  We'll work with you to design and implement employee engagement and internal   communications strategies that gain buy-in and build credibility.  Our strategies will   help you build support for initiatives and embed corporate values in your workforce.

♦ Change communications
   Whether you're experiencing a leadership change, M&A, restructuring or rebranding,    clearly communicating the benefits of change is key to gaining buy-in.  We'll work    with you to create a clear, compelling narrative that keeps your business's focus    sharp and allows you to navigate change with confidence.

♦ Executive communications/thought leadership
​   It's not enough today to simply helm a business.  We can help position you as
   a thought leader in your industry by developing messaging that captures your unique    voice and reaches your peers, clients and shareholders through the right channels.    These can include speeches, blog posts, op-ed pieces, social media and many